Q I already have one of your guidebooks and want to download the accommodation list, info pack etc. How do I do that?

A On the inside front cover of your guidebook is a description of what the book offers and there is also a code number. Just send me an email (you can use the contact us page on this site), quote the number and your downloads will be sent as soon as possible – usually within 24 hours.

Q What do I get with a mywalkingguide.com pack?

A Our main aim is to provide you with all you need to enable you to plan and arrange your own tailor-made self-guided walking holiday. But we have several options so that you can choose just what’s right for you.

  • A complete pack for the route including a printed guide book, accommodation listing, information booklet, and a waypoint listing;
  • A complete pack (download version) where everything, including the route notes, is sent to you as a download;
  • A complete pack (compact download version) which, as the name suggests, is a shorter version of the download version. It is shorter only in that the number of photos is substantially reduced meaning that you have fewer pages to print out at home;
  • The downloadable route notes only. You can buy the notes for the full route or, if you only want to do part of the walk, you can buy the notes for individual sections;
  • The accommodation list only;
  • The waypoint list only.

Q Can you give me more details about the complete pack?

A The full walker’s pack consists of

  • A set of detailed route notes with lots of colour photographs. This usually comes with a printed guide book for you to carry with you on the trail but you can have, at a reduced price, downloadable route notes.
  • An accommodation listing of all known accommodation providers on or near the route. This includes campsites, bunk barns, hostels, B&Bs (including farmhouses, guest houses and inns) and hotels. The listing comes complete with a “How to Use” guide, which gives you hints and tips on how to go about finding the ideal accommodation for your needs;
  • A FREE Walker’s Companion (Information Booklet) to the route. This contains all the information you need to enable you to plan and arrange your very own tailor-made self-guided walking holiday: for example it contains details about facilities on the route, an itinerary planner, information on public transport and taxi services, baggage transfer, First Aid, what to do in an emergency, possible hazards, and a section on places of interest passed through on the route;
  • A waypoint listing. This comes in printed form and as a .gpx file so that, if you have digital mapping software, you can upload the file straight into a GPS receiver.

Q Do I have to have all that? What if I only want the accommodation list, for example?

A No problem! That’s one of the great things about mywalkingguide.com: you can buy just the route notes, or just the accommodation list, or just the waypoints list or you can buy stuff in any combination that suits you. You can even buy the route notes to whichever Section or Sections of the routes that you’re interested in. So, for example, if you only have time to walk the first couple of stages of the Dales Way, and don’t want the guide to the whole walk, you can buy just the bits you need.

Q What is it that makes mywalkingguide.com guides different? Aren’t they just like any other guidebooks?

A First of all, we know of no other walking guidebooks that cover the routes in such detail and with so many colour photographs as a mywalkingguide.com guidebook. We can’t promise you won’t get lost, but we think that you’d have to try pretty hard! But what really sets a mywalkingguide.com pack apart is the amount of information that you can get – if you want it – in addition to the route notes . The accommodation listings are intended to be complete, covering as they do all known accommodation providers on or near (usually within easy walking distance) the route. It is not a paid listing so it is completely impartial. And the information booklets are based on knowledge gained from nearly ten years’ experience in organising self-guided walking holidays for walkers and hikers from around the world. We believe that, armed with the information we provide, any walker can arrange his or her own ideal holiday.

Q Don’t you have an app?

A It’s something we’re working on! In the meantime, if you have an iPad (or smartphone) you can e-mail yourself a copy of the download and then read it as an iBook.

Q What routes do you do?

A At present, we cover the Cumbria Way and the Dales Way, two of the most popular long-distance trails in the north of England. There are more walks in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales in the pipeline…have an occasional look at the Blog pages for news.